Authors Marketing Guild, LLC
Member Progrms

Thank you for signing up for the online book festival.

Due to the heavy promotion that will be required, we are planning these events in advance by a couple of weeks or more. Alan will be in touch with you to get you scheduled for the day that your genre will happen on.

We will create promotional material for you to use on your Social Media system. It is critical that you promote the event not only for your time but for EVERY AUTHOR so that WE can ALL Succeed! These are tough times and we need to work together to help each other.

Please make sure you have access to a good quality wifi system, PC with a camera and microphone for the Zoom system. Being a visual event, this will help with the human connection that we are all craving for at this time

Thank you!


Follow Up - Based on the responses we have received to date.  We have scheduled the following dates for a specific genre.


Tuesday, March 24 8 - 10 PM Fiction

Thursday, March 26 8 - 10 PM Non-Fiction

Friday, March 27 - 10 PM Erotica


Saturday, March 28th 9 - 11 AM Children

Based on the success of these events will determine if we do more events.